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    We manage real estate transaction documents for brokers and agents.

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    Give your clients a great transaction experience while we save you time.

We are the real estate industry’s leading transaction coordination experts.

We deliver more than a transaction…  We deliver an experience.


REBO lets you focus on your clients instead of your paperwork.


REBO saves you as much as 10-12 hours per file – giving you more time to sell more homes.


REBO organizes your world. Our process is consistent and dependable.


REBO is the go to transaction management expert.

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Once I hit 5 transactions per month I knew I couldn’t keep doing this on my own. I was making great money but didn’t enjoy going to work anymore. Real Estate Back Ops allowed me to focus on growing my business and they took care of the rest.
Kim Smith Phoenix, AZ
Changing careers to become a real estate agent has always been a dream of mine. I went to school at night while working my nursing job during the day. When it was time to list my first home, it sold within 24 hours! I didn’t have time to work all day, manage my clients, and get all of the paperwork done in a fast enough time. I reached out to Real Estate Back Ops and they took care of everything and even deposited the money right to my account!
John Williams Sacramento, CA
Being a broker with over 100 agents is tough enough as it is. Then add the HR nightmare of managing an entire back office team? Real Estate Back Ops took over all of my real estate back office operations and it saved my business.
Liz James Gilbert, AZ
Focus on your clients not the paperwork! Sign up for a free consultation from the leading transaction coordination experts!

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