Many realtors plummet into the pitfalls of traditional real estate advertising for their personal brands without ever asking –  “Is this type of advertising the most effective use of my marketing dollars?”

While the same advertising tactics have reared their head in the industry for decades, most are not the best in terms of cost effectiveness.

We took a look at the best performing agents in the game today and outlined five of the most cost effective tactics to incorporate into your personal real estate marketing as well as which delivery platforms you should utilize in your real estate business to deploy them.

1. Personal Website

Personal websites are extremely powerful retargeting tools.

A website with a purposeful layout and valuable content is crucial to driving traffic that turns into leads. Building a website to automatically capture and nurture these leads is essential to growing a real estate brand and business in today’s digital landscape.

When a real estate website is setup properly, visitors are tagged with a pixel that allows agents to create targeted audience that can be advertised to again and again, keeping the real estate agents business and brand name at the top of the clients mind.

An incredibly strong online presence demonstrates the importance of a personal website to the top agents in the industry. Capturing leads and turning them into clients online will give even the newest (or most seasoned) real estate agents a competitive edge over other agents.

2. Social Media

Social Media allows real estate agents to connect with potential and current clients on a personal level. It is a great tool for driving traffic to a real estate agent’s personal website  or even a real estate broker’s main website.

Just like the personal website mentioned above, social media gives real estate agents the ability to target hyper specific demographics and collect data on their best leads. Using this information to run ads not only generates leads for buyers but it is also a powerful way to build interest for current home listings.

Be sure to test a few different advertising techniques (test ad type and delivery method), for example, testimonial advertising on LinkedIn, valuable articles on Facebook and Twitter, and beautiful photographs of your current listings on Instagram.

Always keep track of your data and compare how each performs. Then refine your ads and target audiences accordingly.

3. Podcast

Create a podcast about your local community and home improvement projects. Potential clients listen and respond to this type of content because they are not necessarily looking for real estate-centric podcasts (whose listening base is more largely populated by other realtors).

Hyper-local informative podcasts will drive listeners from certain neighborhoods or cities to your site. Focus on the value of your content rather than the number of listeners. The more value you provide to these communities the more valuable the listenership will be when it comes time to buy or sell their homes.

4. Radio Interviews/Advertisement

This may seem like an old way to advertise with all these other digital options but running a personal brand advertisement on local radio can generate fantastic leads. We found the that the most effective advertising spots are when popular DJs personally recommend your business on the air as first person testimonials.

Other effective types of ad content for radio include talent testimonials, personal website promotions, and informing listeners to Google your name.

The “Google me” technique is particularly effective if you have an authoritative SEO score.

5. Community Events

Looking to sell in a hot neighborhood? Want to raise the value of the homes in the neighborhood of your listings? Hosting community fundraisers or events that help schools with supplies is a great way to rub elbows with the neighbors and get your name known.

Demonstrating a philanthropic inclination as a real estate agent will make clients feel a sense of attachment to an agent’s or brokerage’s charitable contributions by listing homes with those involved.

Agents can inform surrounding community members of the event by going door to door, which is a time-tested lead generating technique. However, by going door to door to promote a charitable event, real estate agents will come off as less intrusive.

Written by:
Tommy Wolf
California Licensed Realtor
DRE # 02044169

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