Do you know how much you are making? Want to make more?

This package created by REBO founders Rob Wolf and Brad Clayton is the most in-depth review of your company financials that REBO offers. Our financial experts will take a look at every aspect of your company’s revenue, expenses, assets, and profits. 


We take a dive… a DEEP DIVE! Our REBO Experts will review every penny spent and within the organization. This type of review is necessary to understanding where the company stands today.

Data Driven

After completing our 8-week review the real work begins. We are able to take all of the data we gather and create a detailed report so that you fully understand the financial workings of your organization.

Health and Profit

Our in-depth report will be accompanied by a listed guide with steps that can be implemented day 1. Our recommendations don’t stop there! You’ll get a long term action plan for long term health and profitability!

What’s Included?

8-Week Intensive Evaluation of Your Company Financials
Detailed Report of Findings after a full review of revenue, expenses, assets, and profits.
A Listed Guide of necessary changes to be made immediately as well as overtime in order to grow your real estate brokerage business.


We make data driven decisions to determine what is working and what is missing that will set your business up for a profitable growth over a set time frame. Our analysis will allow you to make decisions based on facts instead of guessing. This is an 8-week intensive examination of your business and at the end your company will be much healthier and profitable for it. 

A Cash Flow Analysis will give you the clearest picture of your business!

Understanding your financial standing with a cash flow analysis is the best way to understand what needs to happen in your business to reach whatever goals you may have. Whether you are making a seven figure profit or find yourself in the red quarter after quarter – A REBO Cash Flow Analysis will improve your bottom line.