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States on the Rise: What data influences home prices?

Article Highlights: If current household income and educational attainment rate trends continue in Washington, Ohio, and Colorado, the rate of change of median home prices in those states will greatly exceed the national average. US News state rankings give insight … Read More

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Do New NFL Stadiums Affect Residential Real Estate?

Article Highlights: NFL teams approved for relocation increased the median property value of surrounding neighborhoods on average by 4.9% above the national average. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time that induces fond memories of togetherness and … Read More

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Transaction Coordinators: The Unsung Heroes of Real Estate

Article Highlights: Real estate transaction coordinators are grossly underpaid given the services they provide to facilitate the closing of multi-million-dollar deals. No careers have as many famous quotes attributing the symbiotic relationship between investment in the industry and wealth creation … Read More

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Real Estate Agent Time Management

How Real Estate Agents Should Spend Their Time: The Cost of Transaction Coordination

Article Highlights: Real estate agents waste a lot of time managing their own real estate transaction paperwork. Outsourcing their real estate transaction paperwork to a transaction coordination service will ultimately save them time and earn them more money. In a … Read More

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Zillow Declares War!

Article Highlights: Zillow is transitioning from a consumer facing listing platform to a house-flipping business. If Zillow becomes a discount brokerage, this will be bad for agents and brokers. If Zillow becomes a full-service brokerage, this will be bad only … Read More

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Can I buy my home with Bitcoin?

Article Highlights: There is a growing trend of homebuyers using Bitcoin to complete their transaction. This trend could seep further into the real estate industry and disintermediate traditional processes within the real estate transaction. Cryptocurrencies that use ‘smart contracts’ are … Read More

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What does gentrification mean to real estate agents?

Article Highlights: Gentrification is an accelerating trend throughout the country. You can identify areas likely to be gentrified by studying home value data changes and tracking its trajectory. These changes are often predicated by an infiltration of young urban professionals … Read More

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How Micro Homes and the next generation of home owners are changing the real estate industry

Article Highlights: Micro Homes have surged in Japan due to homeowner preferences, affordability, and the exponentially increasing population rates, yet stagnant development space. Due to affordability issues in the US, we are likely to follow this trend. Micro Communities are … Read More

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Coffee Brews Up Real Estate Values: How Philz Coffee is raising real estate prices in San Francisco neighborhoods.

Article Highlights Residential real estate within walking distance of destination coffee shop clusters had a price per square foot 21% higher on average than the residential real estate between .5 and 2.5 miles from them.  This study demonstrates value as it relates … Read More

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Will real estate agents be replaced by technology?

Article Highlights: Job growth continues to decline across the majority of industries due to technological replacement. Why hasn’t this happened to real estate agents? The amount of paperwork and variance between transactions makes real estate transactions very difficult to automate. … Read More

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