You may be worth more than you think.

Are you looking to grow or in some cases discreetly sell your real estate brokerage? Ever wonder what your company is worth?

With over 100 successful acquisitions/join ventures and consulting contracts with over 2000 brokers – REBO can value your business and help you get where you want to go!


What is a brokerage valuation?

Let REBO take a look at the inside of your business and discover what the true value of your brokerage is.

Why do YOU want to get a valuation?

A valuation by REBO is the starting point to  the next stage of your business. Looking to sell? Know what your business is worth before. Looking to buy? Understand the true value of the business you are looking at. 

How does a valuation help YOUR business?

Valuations are not for buyers and sellers only. Understanding the current value of your business allows you to make better decisions on growth and setting your company goals.


√ Real Estate Brokerage Valuation
√ Compensation Analysis
√ Financial Health
√ Performance Benchmarking
Ancillary Revenue Opportunities
Acquisition Set Up


Reach out to REBO today and let us do a full analysis on your business. The value that you will receive from a true brokerage valuation by REBO ensures you get the best deal on buying or selling a brokerage. Aren’t looking to buy or sell? It is important to know where your business stands so that you can make better decisions and set better goals. Measurement matters most – let us help you understand you business better than you ever have.   

Let ReBO perform a company valuation and grow your business today!

What qualifies us to value your business? We’ve been in your shoes!
Our team consists of past Broker/Owners, Agents, and Franchisor Executives that have helped more than 2000 brokers build their dream Real Estate Companies!