Ready to Buy or Sell more than homes?

Are you looking to grow or in some cases discreetly sell your real estate brokerage? Ever wonder what your company is worth? With over 100 successful  acquisitions/joint ventures and consulting contracts to over 2,000 brokers РREBO can value your business and help you get where you want to go!


Are you looking to sell?

You have been running your firm, franchise, or brokerage for years now. You have put in the time, invested the money, and experienced the good times and the bad times. Now you are ready to cash in on your asset – and we have the buyers!

Are you looking to buy?

One of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your real estate business is to acquire another firm, brokerage, or office – we can help with appraising your potential acquisition or merger and then facilitate the transition!

How can we help?

Don’t do this on your own. Buying and selling real estate companies can get very emotional. This leads to bad decisions, missed opportunities, and burned bridges. Let us walk you through the process and turn a stress filled time into a great experience!

You represent home buyers - let us represent you!

Don’t go through the merger and acquisition process alone. Our experience will ensure the smoothest transition possible while earning you a top dollar on your investment.¬†