• REBO for Real Estate Brokers

Increase agent productivity, recruit and retain top agents, and reduce your overhead costs - All at the same time!

Give your agents the tools they need to provide a five-star experience for clients every time.


The REBO Promise

The Real Estate Industry is changing and you need help. Technology is making it more and more difficult to keep agents, find more clients, and keep up with new expenses. We know that being a broker is demanding. Your agents always seem to need help on the same things over and over which consumes the bulk of your day. Not to mention the time it takes to review files and stay compliant. Let REBO take on your overhead and provide an unmatched experience for your agents and their clients. Don't worry about monthly software expenses or technology issues. We will keep your business ahead of the competition while saving you time and money. We promise to be your resource and your partner in the ever changing Real Estate environment.

The REBO Advantage

We are the real estate transaction experts. We break down your current transaction process and create maximum efficiency that allows your agents to sell more homes. By simplifying every phase of the transaction process we not only make your life easier but we make your business more profitable. REBO delivers white-glove concierge service at an affordable price per transaction - charging fees only when the transaction closes! REBO works for everyone. From a single agent to the largest brokerage, we save you hours of work and reduce overhead costs. Focus your time and energy on what you do best – taking great care of your clients.

Transaction Management

Included in every transaction:

  • File Creation and folder customization for all relevant documents pertinent to each transaction side on a secure Transaction Management Platform System.
  • Opening escrow with Title Company in Title States and sending all orders and opening emails to relevant parties.
  • Creation of a Master Timeline containing all key dates and required documents to manage transaction from.
  • Coordinated, managed effort with agents to ensure all required documents with applicable initials and signatures are uploaded properly into the Transaction Management Platform in preparation for Broker review.
  • Order all required disclosures, warranties, HOA docs and inspection reports, etc.
  • Organization and presentation of all files in preparation for full Broker Review.
  • Active account management including obtaining missing signatures and initials for all required documents.
  • Proactive, professional approach with agents to stay on top of important due dates and deadlines.
  • Weekly file audits to ensure completion, accuracy and compliance.
  • Fast and reliable communication in both English and Spanish.

We work with DocuSign, Winforms, Zipforms , Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF. We also handle transactions for REO sales and Short sale transactions.


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